let it out

When time stands still, so you can strain it through your fingers, just like the sand in a bottle, let fears and remorse out, let yourself out for somebody else to discover you  


fairy tale

When you get lost in your wonderland of dreams, when you talk only to the leprecons in your head, when you taste only honey, although everything around you is bitter, when you smile back to your silly thoughts, when you walk hand in hand with your light spirit, when your mind flies to future desires, when you smoke out memories, when you hear  the laughter of happy shared moments, when you stretch your arms to reach mine, when you close your eyes to open mine, I know you finally understood my world so that we could live our own fairy tale.


in the end, there is ... light

prepare your smile after a heavy rain and spread your arms to let in the warmth of light, find the pure path back to your innocence, hear the rhythm of your beating heart, don’t share your tears with the wind, don’t envy the young lovers walking by, don’t chase lost hopes, don’t hide your beautiful face from strangers, just follow your wishes and shout your right to love


X - mas mood

While you slip your hand under the softness of fresh snow, throw your gray clothes made of worries into the blizzard from outside, dress up only with the smile of the beloved ones, offer a part of your orange shaped soul to the dearest one, let yourself wrapped in warm blanket of cinnamon smell and taste the sugar of shared feelings, indulge yourself with the most flavoured raspberry cupcake of peace and follow closely the ginger bread little man looking for the magic wine of joy J  


right over left vs. left over right

Me: lost in the maelstrom of thoughts, shivering in the blizzard of uncertainty, fighting dragons that threaten my horizon every day, counting the dead leaves found on my path to know how many delusions spread in the night, listening the butterflies in my stomach, crushing the mischievous worm of suspicion that crawls into my heart,  extincting bugs scattered through my mind, mixing colours in the cocktail of feelings, holding my dreams close to my soul, afraid one day they will catch wings and leave me empty, asking my hopes whether they are going to shine one day, cherish whatever wind might bring, screaming my despair from time to time to a deaf audience.
You: question mark shaped humanly, mystery wrapped in sweet guilt, cosine and sine, a phase shift between us, just as different as the way our shirts button up.



Cut your ropes that tied you down to the pragmatic present. Heal your wounds and push the play button of the desired life. Throw away your anger, free your mind from black heavy thoughts, keep only those memories of mornings wrapped in coffee flavour. Set your dreams on fast forward and your heart on power saver because there is a long journey ahead.  Never take a second turn to the wicked present, follow the invisible arrows of your own path and step into the light of a bright beginning. The world is neither good nor evil, but it is simply the way you plan it.



Cutting blocks of cold air through the velvet black night. Running from puddles of mud as from deformed frightening dragons. Fighting the gray wind which rolls around my hair. Avoiding the violence of million blades pouring from rain. Hiding my face from dark shadows of intrusive strangers on the sidewalk. Counting my heart beats to see how many bridges I have to cross to get to you. Ignoring the evil voices from my head screaming to crawl back. Keeping my eyes wide open to picture the only thought left – the thought of a pure white morning when I know you will be waiting for me home.


for you

Once I tried to reflect myself into your eyes, silly me,  I thought I could belong there. Once I reached for your hand thinking I could keep you forever, but wind proved me wrong and carried us apart. That was the time when I also tangled the sound of your foot step with the rain drops on my window sill. Then I followed the crumbled stone ways of your thoughts just to discover I was lost in you. Now I mingle with your blood rushing through veins as you are the unbreakable seal on my heart.  



Reaching to you when the sun is rolling down in the sea, stretching my hand and touching your thought… Keeping my eyes wide open within my heart, afraid I could miss one blink of yours. Bargain for your scent, trying to bribe the wind to get me closer to you. Holding my breath, so maybe I could hear your whisper in the roar of waves. Don’t you know we cherish the same side of this revolving sun?


fleurs du mal state of mind

Worms running down your hand, reaching into your flesh, cockroaches threading on your feet, spiders climbing along your spine.  Vermin digging into your worn out brain. An agonizing pain and a ripped heart thrown aside to you… Mumbling some mute sounds with burnt lips, trying to see the daylight through swollen eyelids. Trembling with fear for the next movement that could tear you into pieces, scatter your last breath to dust, because we are both made of dust and to dust we return each time when we fall apart from each other. Why can’t we dream forever?  



Just like a seed you crush between your finger tips, the volatile emotions are taking away second after second.  If you could change the tide, what thoughts would you like to be carried back to nowhere? I was just starting to look for you that the next moment, I found another me sealed into your heart.  Can you still put the finger on the difference between me and you when we are together, caressed by nighttime breeze? Can you tell me where the end of this walking through dim light of hope is? Can you hold my hand in the darkness of night when monsters are stalking my dreams?



Rising hopes on waves’ slopes, collecting foam from your dreams, swing along the sea with your ignorant heart, fall into never known land, taste the salt on your lips and make another golden wish. Learn the beat of your soul, mumble your favorite song, gather around you the persons you love. Rethink, repeat from step one. 


happiness pill

Moving from one feeling box to another, you can only think how to capture better the sensation you had during that highlight. Performing a surgery on your heart without taking an anesthetic before, it can lead to deep serious depression. To avoid the side effects, we strongly recommend the proximity of a caring lovely person who can relief the stress you have been dealing with lately. We do not take responsibility for scattered strange situation as falling in love or growing attached. We do advise, though, lack of consciousness and purchasing a big pair of scissors to make sure there are no strings attached. In case of emergency, please, contact an ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend who can provide necessary comforting services. By all means, if the symptoms persist, reconsider carefully your behavior and take immediate actions as ceasing offering your heart to deceitful persons.  


back in the picture

Once you have tasted from the sweet nectar of happiness, you could never wipe the savour out of your body. The more you get, the more difficult it is to give up, it becomes the perfect drug, and you are being transformed into the humble irrational junkie.  To perform the act of dependence, it takes only your ignorance and flying spirit. Whenever you will not receive your small ration, you will fall into deep blackouts. For the outsiders you will just be seen as a regular human carrying along a mediocre existence, touched by common depression moments. It is only you who can make the difference between your own rapture and never ending fight of how to get to this state of mind. But you are conscious of the turning over power of this ecstasy, just like you are aware of the magic inside a glass of frappĂ© on a burning summer day J


The run

You are: building hopes on fluffy dreams spread around by first rays of morning sunlight, selling your purity for the illusion of sunshine on our street, following your heart to defeat the cruel reality of daily existence, leading your spirit to scheme the whims of faith, avoiding sorrow for faking happiness, gambling your spirit to stumble upon wisdom. All of them only to race with your fastest thought. Until when? Until you stop for a moment to gaze at me who I was sheltering the same thought.



Naked is the most appropriate way to show my growing feelings for you. Naked so you could see how my trembling skin is screaming for your touch. Naked so my pores could release the fire that is running through my veins. Naked so you would follow my scent and desire more and more. Naked so you could run your hand through my hair and ask yourself for my flavour. Naked so you could match the colour of my eyes with the colour of my soul. Naked so you could picture your dreams on the map of my bones. Naked so we could find together a breath of redemption.  


night time

My thoughts are running naked on the streets in the velvet of night. From time to time, lonely steps on pavement followed by loud laughter hurt the silence. My free heart is as anxious to find you as crazy people breaking out from asylum.


piece of wisdom

" I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive." Henry Miller


He was trying to avoid the annoying morning alarm. The same persistent alarm announcing an abrupt end to his dreams, howling for a new day filled with the well known routine. But this time, something was different: as much as he wanted to stop the noise, he could not reach for the mobile phone.  He felt the impulse running down his spine, going through the muscles and concentrating in his palm, but the effect was just a short spasm as of an agonizing person. He gathered all his senses to prove to himself he was as normal as before. 
No matter how hard he was trying to make use of his hands, it was in vain: they just laid there, on the bed, as two big long pieces of cotton.  To add more drama to the moment, that bloody alarm had not stopped, penetrating his brain with acute sounds.  Blaming the intense training from gym, he thought to hurry up to bathroom and start fresh the day. As he was coordinating his movements to get up, he experienced the same feeling of being extremely aware of his nerves and impulses travelling through his body. The reaction was far from the expected one: his legs stood still on the white sheet. Within one second he could feel a rush of adrenaline hitting his body without any result but a deep, painful headache.  As in a horror movie script, he could see himself played by a malicious giant hand, pinned down, forced to face the ceiling. His four limbs were torn apart from body, his head was loaded with burning thoughts, his skin was mixing with the sheet. Punishing his spinning brain, he was clenching to every reasonable explanation for his miserable state.  Nothing that was going on with him could rely on a sufficient realistic event. As being released from pressure, he could move his neck towards the mirror on the other wall of room. There, in the mirror, he saw the reflection of sun, sending sharp spears into his eyes. This glance, he had seen it before: last night, in the review mirror of the car. Yes, yes, his memory was back, building a puzzle inside his brain: the fight, the cry, her red lipstick, the car lights coming from behind, the door handle, the wet sidewalk, the run. And his heart, his heart pumping violently into his chest.
Suddenly, he could move his hand. He first touched his chest to assure himself of his beating heart, but there was no heart anymore... 



Get your daily humour ration. I forgot to mention: dark, acid, disturbing, grotesque humour - better than Happy Tree Friends. Sometimes, considered as an invitation to read Edgar Allan Poe' s literature: Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl.


I have begun to search for myself. I do not even know if there is something called ‘myself ‘. Maybe it exists due to a name and a soul. I guess there is myself to be distinguished from them when the sun rises either in the right or left side of happiness. There is a ‘myself’ when I look in the mirror and try to find some traces of self esteem while the dark is covering the room.  If I were not already exhausted with all this wandering around for purpose, I would miss myself missing you.  If I did not reach a blasĂ© illusion, I would blithely keep track of my thoughts. I have soon learned how to swallow my dreams and throw away the key of my heart. I ripped the curtain of ignorance and opened my eyes in the blinding light of morning. I wrecked down the cage of my soul, set it on fire and watched it burning, vanishing in thick black smoke. Nevertheless, I found my freedom and headed for the never ending journey through the mist of life.


14th of July hot day not only for France!

celebrated in Romania, too, national day of France, had a strong impact on French Ambassador in Romania, he seemed to be overwhelmed by the event or hot weather :) check this out:

just another day in wonderland

who said wonderland is all about Alice, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter? :)