right over left vs. left over right

Me: lost in the maelstrom of thoughts, shivering in the blizzard of uncertainty, fighting dragons that threaten my horizon every day, counting the dead leaves found on my path to know how many delusions spread in the night, listening the butterflies in my stomach, crushing the mischievous worm of suspicion that crawls into my heart,  extincting bugs scattered through my mind, mixing colours in the cocktail of feelings, holding my dreams close to my soul, afraid one day they will catch wings and leave me empty, asking my hopes whether they are going to shine one day, cherish whatever wind might bring, screaming my despair from time to time to a deaf audience.
You: question mark shaped humanly, mystery wrapped in sweet guilt, cosine and sine, a phase shift between us, just as different as the way our shirts button up.



Cut your ropes that tied you down to the pragmatic present. Heal your wounds and push the play button of the desired life. Throw away your anger, free your mind from black heavy thoughts, keep only those memories of mornings wrapped in coffee flavour. Set your dreams on fast forward and your heart on power saver because there is a long journey ahead.  Never take a second turn to the wicked present, follow the invisible arrows of your own path and step into the light of a bright beginning. The world is neither good nor evil, but it is simply the way you plan it.