Reaching to you when the sun is rolling down in the sea, stretching my hand and touching your thought… Keeping my eyes wide open within my heart, afraid I could miss one blink of yours. Bargain for your scent, trying to bribe the wind to get me closer to you. Holding my breath, so maybe I could hear your whisper in the roar of waves. Don’t you know we cherish the same side of this revolving sun?


fleurs du mal state of mind

Worms running down your hand, reaching into your flesh, cockroaches threading on your feet, spiders climbing along your spine.  Vermin digging into your worn out brain. An agonizing pain and a ripped heart thrown aside to you… Mumbling some mute sounds with burnt lips, trying to see the daylight through swollen eyelids. Trembling with fear for the next movement that could tear you into pieces, scatter your last breath to dust, because we are both made of dust and to dust we return each time when we fall apart from each other. Why can’t we dream forever?  



Just like a seed you crush between your finger tips, the volatile emotions are taking away second after second.  If you could change the tide, what thoughts would you like to be carried back to nowhere? I was just starting to look for you that the next moment, I found another me sealed into your heart.  Can you still put the finger on the difference between me and you when we are together, caressed by nighttime breeze? Can you tell me where the end of this walking through dim light of hope is? Can you hold my hand in the darkness of night when monsters are stalking my dreams?