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Little ballerina

first hello for this year :)
I was thinking to show you my latest drawing/watercolor. always fascinating subject - ballet and ballerinas, perhaps, I will try more drawings in the future.
For the moment, let me know what you think.

kiss, kisses,


Drawing collage

Helloooooo, dears :) I guess long time, no post from my side, but I got back my inspiration and I will post more frequently from now on.
Sooo, my new "creation" is here, a drawing collage that I started it in May so by the time I actually had time to finish it in October, I forgot what inspired me in the first place.
But here it is and I hope you like it and write me comments :)

Different phases of the drawing:

And the final version:

And btw, one of my fav songs this year: 


Dandelion dream

Hello my friends :) How is your weekend? Mine is sunny, from all perspectives. Here is my latest "creation" - dandelions and more dandelions. I hope you like it and I am looking forward to reading your comments.
I guess it's the only drawing/painting I have documented with so many photos, mainly because it took me quite a lot of time to get it to this final version. Enjoy and don't forget to let me know your opinions.
Kiss, kisses,

the sketch

in the middle of work, funny pic :)

and the final outcome :) 

some details


Quick sketch (drawing)

Hello dears :) The longest day of year just passed .... Hope you had a lovely time celebrating Midsommar. No time for chilling here, many things to do and time is not my ally, as always. Still, I find some moments to sketch something, although, not on proper paper. Please ignore my writing on the background of drawing :)

Coming soon another post with photos from my latest trip to a lovely city from Poland, Wroclaw. So stay tuned. Kisses, 


B.B. inspired (drawing/painting)

Hello, boys and girls! I hope you are doing fine, passed all exams, presentations, theses and you are preparing for a well deserved rewarding holiday. I am trying to enlighten your day with my new "art-work" , a woman portrait inspired by a photo of Brigitte Bardot. Hope you like it and enjoy the song as well, one of my fav.  Please let me know your thoughts. Kiss, kisses


Cross (drawing)

Hello my dears,

I have thought a lot of writing this post, since I am busy with my master thesis and I do not quite have time to draw something new. Luckily I found an old drawing I made looong time ago, it is a reproduction of the Cross in the Mountains of Caspar David Friedrich (1807). I cannot say I am absolutely in love with this style, but at that moment and even now, I like the calm and serenity which flow out of this painting. Here is the link of the original artwork:
Enjoy and don't forget to share your thoughts with me,



Springtime is here :) (drawing)

Hola chicos y chicas! Today is such a warm sunny day that I cannot stop thinking of summer holiday, seaside and beach :) It is time to renew our wardrobe and share smiles with our dear ones. Go outside, let yourselves caressed by the light of sun and enjoy the fragrance of the blossoming trees :) I have already started it with my drawing. Be happy and true to our dreams, 

P.S: Write me how you are planning to celebrate 1st of May - International Labour Day 


Morning flavor (sketch/drawing)

Hello, birdies :) I felt like sharing this drawing with you, to cheer up your mornings :) 
I wish I had more time for drawing these days, though. Recently I have discovered this band, they sound like a female version of Mumford and Sons, hope you like them. 
Kiss, kisses from the Other Side of Wonderland :) 


Love is in the Air (drawing)

Hello, dears :) How are you getting along with all the hearts and sweetness in the air? I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, but I couldn't miss the opportunity for a new post. So here it is: Paris, mon amour :) Hope you like it and I am waiting for you comments. Do not eat too much heart shaped chocolate. XX 


Little hedgehog (sketch)

Unfortunately these days I don't have so much time for drawing as I would like. As the new semester began, I find it more and more approachable to sketch something during classes :) Here it's today's product. Hope I will have time to improve it. Aaa, and of course the sweetest Russian cartoons: 


Savanna Metamorphosis (drawing/charcoal)

A new year has to start with a change. And in this case with a bit of metamorphosis :) 
The song is there not because it fits particularly, but because Deftones was/is one of my fav. bands ever! 


Happy New Year, cutie pies! (drawing)

Happy New Year! May the New Year bring out the best in us and fill our lives with happiness next to the dear ones!
At the end of the year, Lady Rattie found a warm soul to share these special holidays, Gingerbread man :) 
C u next year, xo :) 


100 likes on Facebook (drawing)

So that day has come: 100 likes on facebook and all possible because of you :) Thank you all for your support. Happy holidays to everybody :)


Poker face (drawing/sketch)

My version of poker face :) And yes, that is featuring the ''bug'' from H&M :)) Video of Angus & Julia Stone, not because is related to the drawing, but because I love them 


Snowing cats and Daschunds

Hello, sweethearts :) Looking outside my window and seeing this ''wonderful'' weather (I am not a snow fan), I got a bit of inspiration and here it is my latest drawing :) For all daschunds' lovers, I know I adore them :) 


DIY - Peter Pan Collar

Hello there :) I have decided to do a DIY tutorial or at least try to do it. Object of work: peter pan sequin collar. Why? Because I keep seeing them in shops, but I cannot let myself gone with the flow and buy one. Soooo, I went to a marvellous shop filled with all possible goodies to sew and bought the fabric. Next, it is easy.
Draw the shape of the collar you want on a piece of cardboard, cut it out. Take whatever piece of old cloth you don't use anymore and cut the shape of the collar into it. You will need two pieces of the same size of this fabric. Then sew the sequin fabric together with the oldie but goldie material you decided to use. I sacrificed a dear tshirt :) Here, just like in the next photos:

Next step was a little bit tricky since I had to sew through the cardboard, but I managed, well, without 
pinching my fingers too much :) 

Following, I sewed the other part of fabric on the other side of the cardboard together with the collar. When you are done, it should look like this: 

I was not sure whether to add a button or ribbon, so I sewed a button underneath the collar. Maybe for the  next one I will change my mind and choose ribbon. Finally I added these cute little buttons I bought: fox terrier buttons :) So it looks like this: 

And of course, for the moment, the happiest to wear it is Teddy :

Hope you liked it and will try to do your own collars too. Waiting for your comments and impressions :) 


Shoe love

The first drawing from shoes series, hope to be able to continue it and to show my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes (watercolour). 


Lecture doodle

           New beginning, new semester, new expectations, new inspiring music and new drawings. 


La Bohemia

"Yo con devoción
Pintaba con pasión
tu cuerpo fatigado
Hasta el amanecer
A veces sin comer
Y siempre sin dormir"