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Quick sketch (drawing)

Hello dears :) The longest day of year just passed .... Hope you had a lovely time celebrating Midsommar. No time for chilling here, many things to do and time is not my ally, as always. Still, I find some moments to sketch something, although, not on proper paper. Please ignore my writing on the background of drawing :)

Coming soon another post with photos from my latest trip to a lovely city from Poland, Wroclaw. So stay tuned. Kisses, 


B.B. inspired (drawing/painting)

Hello, boys and girls! I hope you are doing fine, passed all exams, presentations, theses and you are preparing for a well deserved rewarding holiday. I am trying to enlighten your day with my new "art-work" , a woman portrait inspired by a photo of Brigitte Bardot. Hope you like it and enjoy the song as well, one of my fav.  Please let me know your thoughts. Kiss, kisses


Springtime is here :) (drawing)

Hola chicos y chicas! Today is such a warm sunny day that I cannot stop thinking of summer holiday, seaside and beach :) It is time to renew our wardrobe and share smiles with our dear ones. Go outside, let yourselves caressed by the light of sun and enjoy the fragrance of the blossoming trees :) I have already started it with my drawing. Be happy and true to our dreams, 

P.S: Write me how you are planning to celebrate 1st of May - International Labour Day 


Morning flavor (sketch/drawing)

Hello, birdies :) I felt like sharing this drawing with you, to cheer up your mornings :) 
I wish I had more time for drawing these days, though. Recently I have discovered this band, they sound like a female version of Mumford and Sons, hope you like them. 
Kiss, kisses from the Other Side of Wonderland :) 


Little hedgehog (sketch)

Unfortunately these days I don't have so much time for drawing as I would like. As the new semester began, I find it more and more approachable to sketch something during classes :) Here it's today's product. Hope I will have time to improve it. Aaa, and of course the sweetest Russian cartoons: 


Why does it always rain on me?

again a drawing from school inspiration...yesterday was such a grey sad day, couldn't help myself from thinking in such a gloomy way. hope the sun will appear and she will smile a bit :) 


Lecture doodle

           New beginning, new semester, new expectations, new inspiring music and new drawings. 


La Bohemia

"Yo con devoción
Pintaba con pasión
tu cuerpo fatigado
Hasta el amanecer
A veces sin comer
Y siempre sin dormir"