let it out

When time stands still, so you can strain it through your fingers, just like the sand in a bottle, let fears and remorse out, let yourself out for somebody else to discover you  


fairy tale

When you get lost in your wonderland of dreams, when you talk only to the leprecons in your head, when you taste only honey, although everything around you is bitter, when you smile back to your silly thoughts, when you walk hand in hand with your light spirit, when your mind flies to future desires, when you smoke out memories, when you hear  the laughter of happy shared moments, when you stretch your arms to reach mine, when you close your eyes to open mine, I know you finally understood my world so that we could live our own fairy tale.


in the end, there is ... light

prepare your smile after a heavy rain and spread your arms to let in the warmth of light, find the pure path back to your innocence, hear the rhythm of your beating heart, don’t share your tears with the wind, don’t envy the young lovers walking by, don’t chase lost hopes, don’t hide your beautiful face from strangers, just follow your wishes and shout your right to love


X - mas mood

While you slip your hand under the softness of fresh snow, throw your gray clothes made of worries into the blizzard from outside, dress up only with the smile of the beloved ones, offer a part of your orange shaped soul to the dearest one, let yourself wrapped in warm blanket of cinnamon smell and taste the sugar of shared feelings, indulge yourself with the most flavoured raspberry cupcake of peace and follow closely the ginger bread little man looking for the magic wine of joy J