life' s a ...

life is a never ending roller coaster going back and forth between happiness and misery. Once you catch a hold of smile, grab it and hide it deep inside your heart, it will never come back. The slope is deceitful and mischievous hands may throw you over the edge. So, fasten your seat belt and dive in. The next station: some bitter-sweet candy store where you can taste ecstasy, or ... sorrow.



We have been wearing these perfect masks for such a long time that we forgot ourselves into the carnival of faith. This charade trapped us inside and robbed our innocence; in return we got the daily uncertainty of thoughts. Will we ever be strong enough to step on our hearts, steady enough to face any hollow disappointment? In the maelstrom of snow flakes, our childish hopes are carried away frantically. Only whispers torn apart from joyful memories are spinning our heads. Lost in the evanescent present, I am bargaining for the sweet flavour of poison.