Quick sketch (drawing)

Hello dears :) The longest day of year just passed .... Hope you had a lovely time celebrating Midsommar. No time for chilling here, many things to do and time is not my ally, as always. Still, I find some moments to sketch something, although, not on proper paper. Please ignore my writing on the background of drawing :)

Coming soon another post with photos from my latest trip to a lovely city from Poland, Wroclaw. So stay tuned. Kisses, 


B.B. inspired (drawing/painting)

Hello, boys and girls! I hope you are doing fine, passed all exams, presentations, theses and you are preparing for a well deserved rewarding holiday. I am trying to enlighten your day with my new "art-work" , a woman portrait inspired by a photo of Brigitte Bardot. Hope you like it and enjoy the song as well, one of my fav.  Please let me know your thoughts. Kiss, kisses


Online sketching platform

Hello, dears :) I have been busy lately, but I managed to keep up with my passion for drawing: I found a funny little Flash application for sketching - http://sketch.odopod.com/ . It is free, just a fast signing up process and you are ready to draw something cute. Also you can check what other users drew through the online gallery, and some of their drawings are very interesting and artistic. The only disadvantage is that you cannot save your "artwork" to another type of file, or maybe I haven't discovered yet. Then, in this case, the old print screen button saves the situation. So enjoy and have fun drawing :)