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Back in business - Gossip Girl :)

Hello dears,

Long time, no posting, but I am coming back with new topics this year, promise :)
For the moment, something special for all Gossip Girl fans out there.

Hope you like it.

kiss kisses
and have a fabulous 2015!


Quick sketch (drawing)

Hello dears :) The longest day of year just passed .... Hope you had a lovely time celebrating Midsommar. No time for chilling here, many things to do and time is not my ally, as always. Still, I find some moments to sketch something, although, not on proper paper. Please ignore my writing on the background of drawing :)

Coming soon another post with photos from my latest trip to a lovely city from Poland, Wroclaw. So stay tuned. Kisses, 


B.B. inspired (drawing/painting)

Hello, boys and girls! I hope you are doing fine, passed all exams, presentations, theses and you are preparing for a well deserved rewarding holiday. I am trying to enlighten your day with my new "art-work" , a woman portrait inspired by a photo of Brigitte Bardot. Hope you like it and enjoy the song as well, one of my fav.  Please let me know your thoughts. Kiss, kisses


Online sketching platform

Hello, dears :) I have been busy lately, but I managed to keep up with my passion for drawing: I found a funny little Flash application for sketching - . It is free, just a fast signing up process and you are ready to draw something cute. Also you can check what other users drew through the online gallery, and some of their drawings are very interesting and artistic. The only disadvantage is that you cannot save your "artwork" to another type of file, or maybe I haven't discovered yet. Then, in this case, the old print screen button saves the situation. So enjoy and have fun drawing :)


Springtime is here :) (drawing)

Hola chicos y chicas! Today is such a warm sunny day that I cannot stop thinking of summer holiday, seaside and beach :) It is time to renew our wardrobe and share smiles with our dear ones. Go outside, let yourselves caressed by the light of sun and enjoy the fragrance of the blossoming trees :) I have already started it with my drawing. Be happy and true to our dreams, 

P.S: Write me how you are planning to celebrate 1st of May - International Labour Day 


Just let it go (drawing)

Inspired by rainy windy days which I hope they are gone this spring. Sometimes it's just better to let it go and start fresh all over again. Happy springtime, birdies :)


Fairy tale (sketch/charcoal)

A fairy tale for every inner child inside of us. And since it is snowing so heavily, it could as well be the same type of day Snow White story was written. Enjoy and let me know your opinion. 


Morning flavor (sketch/drawing)

Hello, birdies :) I felt like sharing this drawing with you, to cheer up your mornings :) 
I wish I had more time for drawing these days, though. Recently I have discovered this band, they sound like a female version of Mumford and Sons, hope you like them. 
Kiss, kisses from the Other Side of Wonderland :) 


Little hedgehog (sketch)

Unfortunately these days I don't have so much time for drawing as I would like. As the new semester began, I find it more and more approachable to sketch something during classes :) Here it's today's product. Hope I will have time to improve it. Aaa, and of course the sweetest Russian cartoons: 


To the Moon and Back

For the future, I thought to include photos from the making process, whenever it is possible. Materials used: pencil, charcoal pencil, watercolours and tempera paintings. Enjoy :) 


Why does it always rain on me?

again a drawing from school inspiration...yesterday was such a grey sad day, couldn't help myself from thinking in such a gloomy way. hope the sun will appear and she will smile a bit :) 


Time for Halloween

One of the most famous Halloween characters, Jack the Skeleton, with pumpkin head and his dog, Zero. Enjoy :) 


Saturday night

Because we are all part of popcorn generation and because we like our moments of peace while watching movies, here is one of my favourite movies :) 


Something cute

Recently the classes have proven to be very creative. Teddy is meant to be part of a bigger drawing, soon. Till then, a happy song to boost your energy for the weekend :) 


Facebook - face of book

For a long time I have wanted to customize the button for facebook and finally I found the right resources to do it and what better idea than a face made of books? Waiting your impressions about it :)


Mechanical Angel

I found an old drawing of mine. Couldn't help thinking of this amazing, powerful and sweet animation:


Lecture doodle

           New beginning, new semester, new expectations, new inspiring music and new drawings.