Rain, rain, Je m'en fiche! I have Hunter

Could not help it, have to post this, my first Hunters are delivered :-) 
And guess what?! Today is a rainy day, somebody will be happy, happy :-)

Stranger in the Night

When you find yourself with one foot in reality and another one in the tangled territory of dreams, you just wish for a friendly hand to wake you up from a nightmare.  The scream of the owl followed by the barking of a dog somewhere near, in the dark of the city, give you shivers down your spine. As the cold sweat dries off on your forehead, you come to your senses just to realize that the worst nightmare has already been released in your meaningless life.
In the mourning silent of the night, street is disturbed by lonely steps of a stranger, just like we have become.


In the Death Car

                                                       we are still making fun of life 


Feeling analysis

Rushing from one goal to another, from one decision to another, you may find an empty reflection in the mirror, a strange yourself, disconnected from everything that once was making you smile. Gathering emotional baggage can be a burden once you discover that there is nobody to help you carrying the weight. Just trying to sort out old experiences it will take a while, and by the time you manage to toss away painful memories, you will wake up one morning to find yourself alone, with a bunch of lovable souvenirs, disappointingly fewer than you expected. 
Once you get rid of the noise produced by the dark and despair in your life, you may want to get a grasp of what happiness looks like. To enhance the clarity of a lost shared love, you might be tempted to roll bottles under the bed, while you roll over night butterflies in your bed, or to race with time to see who can smoke more ephemeral cigarettes of passion. But it is only the night who can become your ally, capable of wrapping everything in bubble plastic bags, offering comfort and shelter.  In the heavy velvet of silence you will rediscover the edges of your dreams and possible solutions to bring them back to the day light of reality.
The search for the right pattern to fit into the perfect image might squeeze tears and sighs, until one day you will reach the one that identifies entirely to your expectations. In this phase of this deep heart scan it is utterly easy to mirror back and forth all your life and draw a genuine spark in your eyes. The wisest action would be to make a backup of this state of soul and hide it deep inside our hearts, but we never do it, therefore we end up writing the preface of the same story over and over again, constantly.