Happy New Year, cutie pies! (drawing)

Happy New Year! May the New Year bring out the best in us and fill our lives with happiness next to the dear ones!
At the end of the year, Lady Rattie found a warm soul to share these special holidays, Gingerbread man :) 
C u next year, xo :) 


Christmas magic (drawing)

I was both happy and surprised when I saw that bloggers.com has chosen my blog for editor's pick of the day on their main page <3
I would like to thank everybody who is following me, one way or another, and to wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! xx


100 likes on Facebook (drawing)

So that day has come: 100 likes on facebook and all possible because of you :) Thank you all for your support. Happy holidays to everybody :)


Poker face (drawing/sketch)

My version of poker face :) And yes, that is featuring the ''bug'' from H&M :)) Video of Angus & Julia Stone, not because is related to the drawing, but because I love them 


Snowing cats and Daschunds

Hello, sweethearts :) Looking outside my window and seeing this ''wonderful'' weather (I am not a snow fan), I got a bit of inspiration and here it is my latest drawing :) For all daschunds' lovers, I know I adore them :) 


DIY - Peter Pan Collar

Hello there :) I have decided to do a DIY tutorial or at least try to do it. Object of work: peter pan sequin collar. Why? Because I keep seeing them in shops, but I cannot let myself gone with the flow and buy one. Soooo, I went to a marvellous shop filled with all possible goodies to sew and bought the fabric. Next, it is easy.
Draw the shape of the collar you want on a piece of cardboard, cut it out. Take whatever piece of old cloth you don't use anymore and cut the shape of the collar into it. You will need two pieces of the same size of this fabric. Then sew the sequin fabric together with the oldie but goldie material you decided to use. I sacrificed a dear tshirt :) Here, just like in the next photos:

Next step was a little bit tricky since I had to sew through the cardboard, but I managed, well, without 
pinching my fingers too much :) 

Following, I sewed the other part of fabric on the other side of the cardboard together with the collar. When you are done, it should look like this: 

I was not sure whether to add a button or ribbon, so I sewed a button underneath the collar. Maybe for the  next one I will change my mind and choose ribbon. Finally I added these cute little buttons I bought: fox terrier buttons :) So it looks like this: 

And of course, for the moment, the happiest to wear it is Teddy :

Hope you liked it and will try to do your own collars too. Waiting for your comments and impressions :) 


To the Moon and Back

For the future, I thought to include photos from the making process, whenever it is possible. Materials used: pencil, charcoal pencil, watercolours and tempera paintings. Enjoy :) 


Why does it always rain on me?

again a drawing from school inspiration...yesterday was such a grey sad day, couldn't help myself from thinking in such a gloomy way. hope the sun will appear and she will smile a bit :) 


Shoe love

The first drawing from shoes series, hope to be able to continue it and to show my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes (watercolour). 


Time for Halloween

One of the most famous Halloween characters, Jack the Skeleton, with pumpkin head and his dog, Zero. Enjoy :) 


Saturday night

Because we are all part of popcorn generation and because we like our moments of peace while watching movies, here is one of my favourite movies :) 


Something cute

Recently the classes have proven to be very creative. Teddy is meant to be part of a bigger drawing, soon. Till then, a happy song to boost your energy for the weekend :) 


Facebook - face of book

For a long time I have wanted to customize the button for facebook and finally I found the right resources to do it and what better idea than a face made of books? Waiting your impressions about it :)


Mechanical Angel

I found an old drawing of mine. Couldn't help thinking of this amazing, powerful and sweet animation: