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DIY - Peter Pan Collar

Hello there :) I have decided to do a DIY tutorial or at least try to do it. Object of work: peter pan sequin collar. Why? Because I keep seeing them in shops, but I cannot let myself gone with the flow and buy one. Soooo, I went to a marvellous shop filled with all possible goodies to sew and bought the fabric. Next, it is easy.
Draw the shape of the collar you want on a piece of cardboard, cut it out. Take whatever piece of old cloth you don't use anymore and cut the shape of the collar into it. You will need two pieces of the same size of this fabric. Then sew the sequin fabric together with the oldie but goldie material you decided to use. I sacrificed a dear tshirt :) Here, just like in the next photos:

Next step was a little bit tricky since I had to sew through the cardboard, but I managed, well, without 
pinching my fingers too much :) 

Following, I sewed the other part of fabric on the other side of the cardboard together with the collar. When you are done, it should look like this: 

I was not sure whether to add a button or ribbon, so I sewed a button underneath the collar. Maybe for the  next one I will change my mind and choose ribbon. Finally I added these cute little buttons I bought: fox terrier buttons :) So it looks like this: 

And of course, for the moment, the happiest to wear it is Teddy :

Hope you liked it and will try to do your own collars too. Waiting for your comments and impressions :)