Cross (drawing)

Hello my dears,

I have thought a lot of writing this post, since I am busy with my master thesis and I do not quite have time to draw something new. Luckily I found an old drawing I made looong time ago, it is a reproduction of the Cross in the Mountains of Caspar David Friedrich (1807). I cannot say I am absolutely in love with this style, but at that moment and even now, I like the calm and serenity which flow out of this painting. Here is the link of the original artwork: http://www.caspardavidfriedrich.org/Cross-in-the-Mountains-(Tetschen-Altar).html.
Enjoy and don't forget to share your thoughts with me,



Brussels, Europe's chocolate heart

Hello, dear ones :) Hope you spent the Easter Holidays lovely and enjoyed the warmth of spring.
I had a wonderful time in Brussels for a couple of days, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of this city.
Brussels vibrates multiculturalism and breaths non-conformity from its special architecture style, to the variety of chocolates, pubs, theaters, museums and fashion spots.
Just to give you an idea of the thrilling experience you can have in Brussels, here are some inspiring photos:

but chocolate helps: