Cupcakes fun

Hello dears :) Long time, no post. Busy time, but... still here it is my little adventure with cupcakes. As I know I would have messed it up, I cheated a bit (maybe a bit more) and bought a package of already mix for cupcakes.
So what you need after you such "kit":

- 150 gr butter ;
- 350ml milk;
- one egg;
- new plastic bags ( they will help you when decorating)

Ok, so here we go:

You prepare the dough by adding the melted butter, 250ml milk, the egg and the mix for cupcakes in a big bowl and mixing well, till you have a nice texture. Then you put this mix in the cupcakes forms - about one table spoon and a half. So mine looked like this:

Then you bake them for about 25min at 180 degrees( the oven must be preheated at 150 degrees).
And when they are done they look like this:

While they are baking, you can prepare the frost - mine had a bubble gum flavour and was green :)
You need the rest of the milk which you add step by step and mix well.
You can keep it in the fridge for couple of minutes, it will be easier when you set it on cupcakes.
Soooo the final result was this:

Kiss, kisses, 


  1. delicious!, you have me want to make cakes!


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