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Sunny day today, finally :) And inspiration came along in the form of a long awaited delivery, straight from California: Lev Yilmaz's book - Sunny Side Down, personally signed. Yuppy, I am so happy :) The book represents the 4th and latest publication of talented Lev. He is the one man show in his comic series, drawing, writing, narrating, editing all his videos and books :) With a lot of humor, acid observations and funny stories, Lev's art helps us getting over a difficult day, or at least this is what I feel. If you are still not familiar with his art, feel free to check his Youtube channel here:

Enjoy, XX :) 


nothingprofound said...

Looks interesting. Humor can really help a person through a hard time.

marykapsi said...

great blog dear, thanks for your comment! Following you on gfc

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