Marble cake with dried fruits


300 gr flour 

5 eggs 

150 gr brown sugar 

250 gr yogurt 

400 ml milk 

 3-4 tea spoons of cocoa 

dried fruits (raisins, dates, cranberries) 

baking powder - 1 tea spoon 

vanilla sugar or vanilla essence

Baking time: 40-45 min at 180 degrees C  

How to: 

Separate the yolks from the white parts and mix the yolks with a pinch of salt and the sugar gradually. 

Add the yogurt and milk and vanilla sugar or essence. From this mix, separate some part into a separate bowl. Into this smaller bowl, add the cocoa.

Whisk the white parts with 2-3 spoons of sugar. They need to look like meringue and then mix them into the yolk mix and the cocoa bowl too.

Prepare the dried fruits and place them for 3-4 minutes in water if they are too dry, then dry them on paper. 

Prepare the baking tray, either with baking paper, either with oil and flour as shown here. 

Start by laying a layer of non-cocoa batter into the baking tray and sprinkle the fruits, add another layer of the cocoa mix, add fruits, repeat till the batter is finished. 

Once it got cooler, I cut it and served it with a home made blue berry jam - so the recipe of this jam will be shared soon :) 


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