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Tomatoes soup - a delicious recipe


Long time has passed since I posted here. well, now the time has come for a new recipe, something light for summer days, because it can be served both cold and hot - the one and only Tomatoes soup!

this soup has so many recipes and ways to cook it, but I'd rather use fresh tomatoes and keep as much as possible from the fruit itself. Yes, tomato is considered a fruit :)

2 kilo tomatoes
2 onions
1 carrot
1 parsnip
1 spoon of olive oil
spices (pepper, salt, thyme)
1 glass of water
cooking time: 1h 

First, we make a soup using the vegetables listed above. In the same time, we need to prepare the tomatoes: we want them without peels and any hard part found inside. for this we have two options: either we boil them in hot water until the peel is cracking or we put them in a tray in the oven till similar result is obtained.

Then in  separate pot, we fry the 1 onion in olive oil and then add the peeled and cut tomatoes. We add a bit of water - 1 glass - and let it boil about 30min until all the flavours are mixed.
We add the vegetable soup over tomatoes and boil for another 10min, adding the spices too. At the end, we add some thyme.

It can be served with toasted bread with garlic.
It is so tasty that I usually go for the 2nd bowl :)

Bon appetit!