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Plum jam - easy recipe

 Who doesn't like a slice of toast with jam or soft pancakes filled in with jam? or a cake with jam? 

and when the jam is home made and you can control the amount of sugar, it is even better :) 

so here is a recipe of plum jam: 


4 kilos of plums: could be different types of plums for a plus of flavour, but well ripe

1 kilo brown sugar 

2-3 satchels of vanilla sugar 

1 cane of cinnamon (optional) 


How to:

Wash the fruits well and take out the seeds. Cut the fruits in small pieces. Place the fruits in layers in bowls or pots and sprinkle some 2-3 sugar spoons for each layer, until finishing the fruits. Leave them over night. 


Next day, you can put the pot to boil to a low temperature so the juice evaporates. Depending on how much juice the fruits have, it will take longer or shorter to get the right consistency of jam. 

One important step: when the jam starts to foil, there will be a foam - it is necessary to collect that foam and throw it away - contains impurities of fruits and sugar. 


In this case, it took around 3hours, at a very very low temperature. 

To test if the jam is ready, you take a spoon of jam, place it on a plate and when you separate the jam with spoon, it shouldn't run from plate. 

You need to have sterilized jars, ready to be used. 

After the jam is done, you can wait till it gets a bit cooler and then place it in jars. 

For a 2nd sterilization, place the jars in oven at 50-60 degrees C, for about 1 hour. 

Final product ready to be stored in pantry: