Cherry & chocolate cake

Hello, my dear ones! These days we all have to accept that winter is coming and is getting colder and darker. But the sunny part of the whole story lays in our own ideas of making our days better and warmer and what better option could be than to spend an afternoon with friends in the comfort of your house. And since the picture wouldn't be complete without something delicious to eat, here is a new recipe for a cake with chocolate and cherries :) If you like this mix, then probably you are intrigued to read further.
The list of the ingredient we need for this cake:

5 eggs
50 gr of chocolate - grated
100 gr flour
4 spoons sugar
2 spoons of butter
for cream: one Dr. Oetker pudding
cherry jam
one can or jar of cherries

The secret of the cake is to prepare the dough one day before you actually want to serve it. So it goes like this: first you separate the yolk from the white parts and you mix them well till they become a foam. In another bowl, you mix the yolks, flours, butter, chocolate and sugar.

At the end you put everything together, you prepare the tray, meaning you put inside the baking paper, and you put the tray in the over preheated at 170 C.

It should be done in 20-25 minutes, you open the door from the oven gradually, wait for about 5-10 minutes till you can open it completely.
Mine looked like this when it was baked:

When the tray is cold, you could be able to take out the cake and place it in a dry spot, covered by a clean kitchen towel till next day :)
So the work is continued during the next day, as it follows: first you need to gather together all your skills to cut that cake into 2 halves - I know for me it was tricky, but I managed something:

During the next phase I prepared the pudding since I used to cover the whole cake. Here it's nothing difficult, you just need to follow instructions written on package. 

In order not to have a dry cake, you use the juice from the cherry can on whole cake - no worries, it will absorb a lot of liquid and it will have a better taste in the end. Then it's  just a matter of taste how much cherry jam or cherries you put inside, I made it something like this:

Then I covered it all in pudding and at the very end I decorated with a few cherries & choco :) And it's dooone! But you should leave it in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Then you can serve it with a hot tea or maybe, even better, with a cherry liqueur :))) And of course with your friends. Enjoy it :)

Until next time, kiss, kisses :-*


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