Healthy doughnuts - no frying!


I am a big fan of doughnuts: with jam, chocolate, vanilla cream or confectioners sugar. They remind me of childhood and playful afternoons with friends, when grandma was baking doughnuts for us.

But I also tried to find a more healthy way of baking them and I found one: in the oven, no frying! 

So here it is the recipe: 


3 cups flour 

2 yolks 

100 ml milk 

10gr yeast

6 spoons sugar 

3 spoons oil 

flavours (vanilla) 

For the dough, mix all the ingredients and leave it in a warm place to have time to rise. 

This dough was a bit more than I expected ;) 

Time for the work with the roller pin. Roll the dough in a layer of 1cm thickness. Then use a glass to cut the doughnuts. 

Place the doughnuts on baking paper in a tray and leave them again for 30min or so to rise up. 

Once they look puffy, it s time for the baking: 180 degrees C for about 10-12min. 
when they are done, they look like this: 

You can cover them in confectioners sugar and/or fill them up with jam or chocolate.  
More healthy and no more trouble with the frying. 


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