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Delicious Cream cake - no baking

 A new recipe for a delicious cake suitable for a special day! 

and what is the best part no baking! :) 


3 eggs 

cream (for cakes) 

1 cup milk 

1 can of pineapple 

lady fingers 100 gr 

Prep time: around 30 min, but it is better to leave the cake in the fridge over night 

For the cream part: mix the eggs with milk and boil them over very slow fire (baine marie). you can add some flavours: vanilla, orange, etc. Careful not to make an omelette in this way stir all the time. 

When the cream gets some sour cream consistency, it is done. Leave it aside to let it cool. 

Beat up the cream separately according to the instructions. 

Once the egg/milk cream is colder, mix it up with the cream. 

In a baking tray, place a layer of foil, then lay over the pineapple pieces. Pour the cream in tray. but keep about 6-7 spoons of this mix, you will need it for the next day. 

In the juice from the pineapple, place the lad fingers cookies, one by one for couple of seconds. then place them on the top of the cream in the tray. 

Cover everything with foil and place the tray in the fridge over night. 

Next day, you need to flip this entire thingie. so the fruits are up . something like this: 

Next it is only a matter of covering the cake with the cream saved from the previous day. 
You can decorate with more fruits and it's done. Voila!