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Home made burgers and bread rolls

Today is about burgers. And home made bread which was a first attempt, but it worked out quite nicely. 

 I enjoy home made burgers because I can be sure of the meat quality and the ingredients used. 

Considering the pandemic situation, when many of our favourite restaurants are closed, I think they make a yummy dinner. 


- for the bread: 200 gr flour (mix of pizza and all purpose flour) 

10 gr yeast

2 spoons olive oil 


- for the burgers: 400 gr minced meat (beef, or mix), 1 egg 


Bread rolls take about 40 min to prepare and bake. 

For the dough is quite easy: start with the yeast in a half a glass warm water, wait about 5 min, then start to add the flour slowly. Add the oil, some pinch of salt and knead, then let it rest in a warm place about 20 min. 

Once it has risen, you can bake them in previous heated oven for about 10-12min. 

For the burgers, I use a simple recipe: meat mixed with spices and 1 egg, make 4 flat meat balls, fry them 5 min in frying pan, then move the pan in the oven for about 15 min. 
And that' it: the recipe for a home made dinner :)