Creme brulee with a twist


A delicious dessert for the times when you don't wanna bother too much with the baking part. 

Here it is my interpretation of the famous creme brulee (Crème brûlée). 


- 6 eggs

- 1 glass milk 

- 6 spoons of brown sugar 

 - vanilla essence

- coconut flakes, coconut favoured sugar 

Cooking time: 1h 

Start by mixing the eggs with sugar until they double their volume. Add the coconut flakes and milk. 

The trick of baking the creme brulee is to do it in a bain marie style: pot in a pot with water. 

The oven needs to be set at a lower degree, 150 C. Bake for 45 min. 

The result is: 

it is extremely flavoured and has just the right consistency. I served it with ice cream. Enjoy! 

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